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Heat Press Machine

We help you to build your own business with the motto of Make in India have your own startup. In the startup combo we provide:Machine: 12″ x 15″ Heat Press Machine, Mug Heat Press Machine, Plate Heat Press Machine, Cap Heat Press Machine & Extra Mug Dye, Epson L130 / Epson L805 Printer, Free 1 p..
Ex Tax:₹22,748.00
Printing To Be Done On -  All Sublimation ProductsUsage/Application - SublimationPrintable Articles - Mug, T Shirts, Sipper Bottle, Rock Stone, Glass Frame, Cushions, MDF Collages, Ceramic Tiles EtcAutomation Grade - Semi-AutomaticAs a Results of Continuous Research on Quality and Technology, W..
Ex Tax:₹18,000.00
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